La Virée des Ateliers

Artists, artisans, fashion designers, and other creators on Parthenais Street open the doors of their ateliers for exhibits-sales. The next event will take place in fall 2020 (dates to be confirm) on Parthenais Street in La Grover, the Chat des artistes and the Coopérative Lézarts.

This event is exceptional as more than 100 creators grant access to their places of work and creation. Located in three different buildings, discover the places of birth of their work. There is something to suit all tastes !

Since 1994, the Grover factory (a four-stories industrial building) counts the largest number of ateliers for artists, artisans, and cultural workers in the district.

Inaugurated in 2008, the Chat des Artistes is located just a few steps north of the Grover building. It has 40 ateliers spread over 3 floors.

Across the street, the Coopérative d’habitation d’artistes Lézarts presents a selection of work from its 33 residents in its art gallery.

Choose your own path!